• Car shipping

    from China
    Important activities MGSystem - international road freight shipping. High delivery speed with optimal tariffs is an integral feature of services...
  • Sea transport

    from China
    MGSystem offers organization of your cargo delivery by sea, including port handling / processing of goods. MGSystem has offices in six major Chinese ports...
  • Aviation service

    from China
    MGSystem offers a full range of delivery of goods from China by air. Established a structured network delivery through airports Tallinn and Berlin, which allows for delivery as soon as possible....

About Us

Company MGSystem, having extensive network of offices in Europe and Asia, is an active player in the transport and logistics market, and also includes storage, transportation and customs system.

Our units are presented in Italy, Germany, Estonia, China (six offices in major ports plus transport hub in Hong Kong).

Cargo tracking system in a way

Delivery of goods from China:
China, 200042, China
Rm.D, 27F, Sanhe Mansion,
No. 121, Yanping Road,
Jingan District, Shanghai